Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Laura Coordinates A New Direction For Ava’s Plan To Lure Ryan Back

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are some interesting twists and turns on the way with the ongoing Ryan storyline. As viewers have seen, Ryan remains at large, and Ava is convinced he is still alive. In fact, someone has been watching Ava, and it seems virtually guaranteed that it’s him. Now, new teasers reveal that Laura will suggest a new direction for Ava’s plans.

Viewers haven’t seen any progress with this storyline in a few days. However, She Knows Soaps reveals that developments are on the horizon. During Friday’s episode, Ava will reach out to Scott to ask for help. It seems likely that she will ask Scott to pose as her renewed romantic interest in hopes that Ryan will catch wind of it and come back to reclaim her for himself.

Unfortunately for Ava, General Hospital spoilers signal that Scott will probably turn Ava down. That seems to be coming during Monday’s show, and now it seems that Laura will step in with another idea.

Apparently, Laura will propose that Kevin step up and play the role of Ava’s new beau. General Hospital spoilers detail that Kevin will be resistant initially, but Laura will talk him into it. While Scott would surely have been a sufficient choice for making Ryan jealous, there is little doubt that Ryan seeing Kevin seemingly with his beloved Ava will prompt a fierce reaction.

According to Soap Central, Ava will be feeling frustrated as she tries to set her plan in motion. It may well be that she’ll assume Scott will step up without hesitation and if he does deny her request, she’ll surely feel flustered.

As this all moves forward over the next few episodes, Laura will focus on what she believes matters, and Kevin will be surprised by something. While Laura remains uncertain about what her future holds with Kevin, it seems that she’ll focus on what needs to be done right now and set aside her concerns about her marriage.

Right now, General Hospital spoilers do not reveal anything significant in terms of when viewers will learn anything definitively about Ryan’s whereabouts. It seems likely that any confrontation between Ava and Ryan will come during the May sweeps, perhaps in coordination with the Nurses Ball that starts airing in mid-May.

Will Ava get the faceoff with Ryan she so desperately wants? Can Laura and Kevin find a way to repair their marriage? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get intense as Ava’s plan progresses, and fans won’t want to miss where this heads next.