‘The Amazing Race’ Season 31 Premiere Sneak Peek: Familiar Faces Begin Their Next Battle

Monty BrintonCBS

It is time for the Season 31 premiere of The Amazing Race. Spoilers tease that the basics of this upcoming competition will mirror prior battles to a great extent. However, there is one big difference. All of the pairs have done reality television before, in fact, they have all done CBS shows. Everybody involved is a veteran of either TAR, Survivor, or Big Brother.

Ahead of Wednesday night’s The Amazing Race premiere, fans can get a sneak peek at the first few minutes of Season 31. Entertainment Weekly shared the preview clip where host Phil Keoghan teases that this is the first-ever showdown between fierce competitors who have already done TAR, Big Brother, or Survivor. In fact, some have already competed on more than one season of this trio of CBS shows, and a few contestants might be a little overconfident.

Keoghan teases that the Survivor folks might be underestimating how tough this race will be, and Rachel Reilly shares a bit of insight into how tough TAR is compared to Big Brother. Moments later, the race officially begins and teams have to race across a bridge and start digging in an enormous pile of sand to find a clue.

CBS titled this Season 31 premiere episode “You’re in Our Race Now,” and 11 teams will race across more than 25,000 miles in hopes of winning the $1 million prize at the end. Which show will best represent and which teams will falter early on in the competition?

The Inquisitr previously broke down The Amazing Race spoilers hinting that a veteran TAR team seemingly will be the first one eliminated. In terms of finalists, additional spoilers suggest that having former TAR experience may prove to be absolutely essential in making it to that last leg of Season 31.

Which type of pairing will fare the best in Season 31? There is a well-rounded cast by the looks of things, with married couples, good friends, romantic partners, and family pairings all thrown together for this race around the world.

Each CBS franchise show brings something different in terms of assets to this intense competition, and it seems likely that there will be an amplified component to this Amazing Race battle when it comes to building and utilizing alliances. This is a season that kicks the action up a notch from a traditional all-star season or one crossover couple from another CBS show. These folks are in it to win it, and spoilers suggest that fans have a great viewing adventure ahead of them.

Season 31 of The Amazing Race debuts on Wednesday, April 17, running alongside the rest of the current Survivor season. Fans are buzzing over this upcoming battle and cannot wait to watch these TAR, Big Brother, and Survivor pairs face off against one another.