Rush Limbaugh Clarifies ‘Ashamed’ Comments, Laments The ‘Left Has Won’ [Audio]

Rush Limbaugh just wants to clarify his “I am ashamed of my country” comments real quick, and explain that he’s actually just ashamed of his country. And it’s not even completely because of that guy up there.

The conservative radio host said Thursday that “for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country,” sparking a storm of controversy. On Friday, Limbaugh enjoyed a broader audience of curious new listeners, and chose to clarify his Thursday comments.

“I realize that many of you tuned in today wanting to hear more of this… You wanted to hear more about it, and I haven’t really discussed it yet and you’re probably angry, and I want to tell you why,” Limbaugh began.

He really just wanted to clarify that he’s not ashamed of himself, which is apparently where his detractors thought he was going with his controversial comments. He’s really what he said he was – ashamed of his country – but because of the liberal direction it has taken despite his best efforts to “inform.”

“They have created far more low-information, unaware, uneducated people than we’ve been able to keep up with. We’ve had a profound impact in improving, increasing that universe of people — citizens — who are in the arena of ideas now, who are informed and educated. I’ve always had a Civics 101 view of the country: People get what they want, they vote what they want, and they get the way they vote.”

He kept going for several minutes, but seemed overall pretty defeated. “I’m fed up with it,” he said. “I can’t do it anymore.” He concluded, “The whole thing is shamefully absurd. I don’t know how else to say it.”

What do you think of Rush Limbaugh’s clarification of his “ashamed” comments? Do you agree with him? Are you glad that he sounds like he’s about to retire? Sound off below the audio, per Mediaite: