Mischa Barton Refuses To Pay $95,000 Nurse Bill

Mischa Barton is refusing to pay a $95,000 nurse bill.

Doctor’s Choice Nursing sued the actress in 2011 because she hadn’t paid the 2009 bill for keeping Mischa sober for her roll in the CW show, The Beautiful Life.

Mischa didn’t show up in court, and the judge awarded Doctor’s Choice the $95,000 by default. Mischa’s attorneys challenged the ruling in court Thursday.

According to TMZ, her attorneys argued that the nurses were hired by her mother and therefore it was her mothers responsibility to pay the bill. When the owner of DCN was asked why Mischa wasn’t informed about the treatment charges she was racking up, the owner said she didn’t want to add additional stress while Mischa was struggling to remain sober.

A friend of The O.C. star told PEOPLE Magazine, around the time Mischa’s mother hired DCN, that Mischa was struggling to deal with criticism about her body. Her solution was to turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with pressure to be perfect:

“After gaining fame on the teen soap, the London-born beauty struggled with intense family pressures—her mother, Nuala, is also her manager—and insecurities about her looks. She fell in with a fast-lane young Hollywood crowd, and soon her behavior alarmed even veteran partiers. Over the past two years multiple sources witnessed her drinking heavily and using drugs. A few friends say they realized she was out of control after a scary 2007 incident, when an ambulance had to be called to a Hollywood party after Barton became ill from taking drugs, according to a partygoer.”

After admitting that she hit rock bottom, Mischa told The Mail on Sunday, she had given up drinking and was working hard to be healthy.

If her attorneys are right and it was Mischa’s mother who hired Doctor’s Choice Nursing in 2009, it’s reasonable for Mischa Barton to refuse to pay the massive $95,000 bill. The judge in the case hasn’t issued a ruling yet. If you were the judge, how would you rule?