Instagram Is Wondering Why Kylie Jenner Just Wore A ‘Garbage Bag’

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Instagram seems confused, and Kylie Jenner appears to be the reason why.

On Tuesday, Kylie updated her Instagram with two new pictures, which show her in a shiny, wet-effect PVC dress. Doubling up as a long coat, the black-belted look comes complete with peep-toe heels, dark shades, and a bit of a Matrix feel. The photos aren’t even 12-hours-old, but fans are already comparing the outfit to an everyday household item. As it turns out, Instagram seems to think that Kylie Jenner chose to wear a trash bag.

One fan seemed to consider the style as something to ponder about.

“Mmmm. The garbage bag look. How lovely.”

Another fan echoed the comparison but managed to be more flattering.

“[B]ut like why is she wearing a garbage bag?? And more importantly why is she pulling it off”

The consensus doesn’t seem exclusive to the U.S. A fan, likely located in the U.K., asked how Kylie can “look good in a binbag [sic].” Another asked why “she [is] wearing a bin bag.” British terminology for the waste receptacle differs slightly from the American term. Comments even appeared in French, with one fan comparing Kylie’s dress to a “sachet poubelle” — this directly translates to “trash bag.” However, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star does not appear to have gotten involved in the debate.

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shoutout to my momma????

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Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner, is honored in the picture’s caption – Kylie is also standing in front of a wall-hung portrait of Kris. The update received coverage earlier today, from The Daily Mail.

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This isn’t the first “trash bag” look donned by Kylie. In May 2018, Kylie stepped out in baggy PVC pants with pocket details and ankle drawstrings. While this bizarre fashion trend swept 2018, it isn’t novel. Ballerinas have long turned to these pants as warmup gear. The “trash bag” term is officially used by dancewear store Russian Pointe. The year 2018 also saw the style worn by Kourtney Kardashian, when the Poosh CEO paired the casual pants with a Louis Vuitton backpack.

A style queen she may be, but Kylie’s recent look seems to have fans on the fence. The comments already chronicled in French continued with a user saying that Kylie “se fout un sac poubelle comme vêtements.” This translates to someone “throwing on” a garbage bag as clothing.

The April 16 update comes after Kylie’s high-profile appearance at Coachella. That, in itself, made headlines, as Kylie arrived by private jet. A selfie that was taken with YouTuber Tana Mongeau also came with suggestions that Mongeau has “replaced” Kylie’s former best friend, Jordyn Woods. The Inquisitr covered the possible new friendship.

For the time being, talk is less about Kylie’s friends. Instagram seems more interested in those “garbage” pants.