Wendy Williams Reportedly Fired Husband Kevin Hunter After Divorce Filing

Robin MarchantGetty Images

Wendy Williams has reportedly fired her husband, Kevin Hunter, as her manager just days after filing for divorce.

According to People Magazine, Wendy Williams is ready to move on from her two-decade marriage to Kevin Hunter, and doesn’t want him as her manager any longer following their split.

The decision to divorce Hunter and fire him as her manager allegedly came after Wendy confronted Kevin about his rumored affair and alleged love child, and he reportedly came clean to her about it all.

“She’s not taking him back. He’s being fired as her manager and she lawyered up big time. It’s hard after being married for so long and having a family together, to be able to move forward, but she realized she had to open her eyes to a bad marriage. So many stick around when they should get out,” an insider told the magazine.

The source added that Wendy has been telling those close to her that she had no idea Kevin was having an affair, and that when she realized that he was being unfaithful to her she decided to call it quits.

Now, Wendy is said to be looking for a fresh start. The talk show host, who has been living in a sober house, is dedicated to staying clean and sober, and moving forward with her life.

This week, Kevin Hunter released a public statement, revealing that he is not proud of his recent actions, and issued an apology to Wendy Williams, revealing that he is attempting to be better, and that he will continue to support Wendy, and love her unconditionally while he works on his own issues.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hunter allegedly didn’t want a divorce, but Williams insisted it was time to end the marriage.

A source recently told In Touch Magazine that Wendy had to be forceful with Kevin when it came to their split, but that when it comes to dividing up their assets, Williams won’t be stingy.

“The divorce won’t be messy. Wendy is willing to split everything. She knows she’ll be able to make money forever. He didn’t want to get divorced, [but] she had to force his hand,” an insider revealed.

Upon filing for divorce, Wendy Williams had Kevin Hunter served with the papers on the set of her talk show, where he works as a producer. However, The Inquisitr reports that his job there may also be in danger, or that he could step down from the position.