Was Brittany Cartwright’s Wedding Dress Seen On ‘Vanderpump Rules’? She Shows Off Weight Loss While Shopping

Charles SykesBravo

Did Brittany Cartwright find her dream wedding dress?

In a sneak peek via Bravo at next week’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 7, the reality star will be seen shopping for the perfect gown with several of her family members.

After welcoming her family to Los Angeles with fiancé Jax Taylor, Cartwright tries on a long-sleeved lace wedding dress as she exclaims, “My body looks awesome in this.”

As Vanderpump Rules fans well know, Cartwright and Taylor have both been hitting the gym hard in the months leading up to their June wedding and have also been adhering to a strict diet plan. So, when it comes to the dress she selects, viewers can expect to see Cartwright in a dress that shows off the figure she’s been working so hard to attain.

While Cartwright appeared to fall in love with the dress she tried on in the sneak peek, it’s safe to say the dress is not the one she ultimately chose. After all, with the show airing before her wedding, she wouldn’t want her fiancé to see her in her dress before she walks down the aisle.

Taylor and Cartwright are set to wed in Kentucky at the end of June.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December of last year, Cartwright revealed she found her wedding dress at the very first boutique she visited.

“I did not mean to, but the very first place I went to I actually found a dress,” she recalled. “I’m not gonna just announce the designer and stuff just yet because I don’t want [Jax] to know anything about it. Whenever I walk down the aisle, that’s gonna be the first time he sees it or knows anything about what it looks like.”

Also during her interview, Cartwright’s fiancé confirmed that because their wedding is far away from their Los Angeles home, there are a lot of people who aren’t able to make it. That said, they expect around 200 people to be present when they say “I do.”

Although Lisa Vanderpump officiated the wedding of Cartwright and Taylor’s co-stars, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, when they tied the knot in 2016, she will not be doing so for Cartwright and Taylor’s wedding. Instead, they will have someone from their church marry them.

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