Wal-Mart Snack Charge: Employee Looking At Felony For Stealing Oreos

Wal-Mart is pursing a snack charge for an employee who was caught eating Oreos she hadn’t paid for, leading store officials to learn that she took junk food from the company every week for four years.

The accused employee, 63-year-old Penny Winters, allegedly told store investigators that she stole from the store once or twice a week in the seven months she worked at the store, WLS-TV reported. She also admitted to stealing from a Wal-Mart in Arizona, where she had previously worked.

The Wal-Mart snack charge stemmed from an empty cookie package found in the store on February 12. Store officials decided to check the surveillance tapes, and saw Winters helping herself to the snack without paying.

She apparently spilled about a lot more than just that one package of cookies. After a manager questioned her about the theft, the maintenance worker reportedly gave up information about hundreds of other times she’d stolen from the company.

Winters went on to tell police that she didn’t have the means to purchase the food, so decided to steal it instead, The Smoking Gun found in a police report. She also had a bit of a different story to tell police about how she came across the Oreos.

From The Smoking Gun:

“When cops asked her about the Oreos, Winters claimed she found an open package of the cookies near a cash register and assumed that they had been provided for free by management.”

For now, the Wal-Mart snack charge amounts to one count felony theft for Winters.