ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ Could Have Mad Hatter Spinoff

Once Upon a Time, ABC had a hit show that centered around a mixing of the Fairy Tale world and the real world. That show is actually titled Once Upon a Time and is helping the network put some of its rival networks in the dust.

The show, centers around some of the world’s most popular Fairy Tale characters like Snow White (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) and Little Red Riding Hood.

The program also has its fair share of ultra-popular villains, such as Rumpelstiltskin and the Mat Hatter. One of those villains is reportedly going to be getting a spinoff show in the not too distant future.

Deadline reports one oddity about this potential spinoff is that if the network does move ahead with the project they will be recasting the lead role.

Sebastian Stan has played the Mad Hatter in six episodes of Once but he is not able to commit to a long term series. Stan is finishing a Broadway run and that will lead right into his returning as Bucky Barnes in the next Captain America movie.

IGN reports that in order to get a new Mad Hatter acclimated to his audience, they may immediately recast the role. The Mad Hatter is supposed to be making a guest appearance in at least one more episode of Once.

ABC could use the opportunity to introduce the new Mad Hatter, but that could also mean a bit of a rewrite to explain why the character suddenly has a new face.

Once Upon a Time is set in a magical world, which could be used to explain the new look. Whether or not a spinoff of the character, using a new actor that audiences aren’t familiar with would be a good idea for ABC has yet to be determined.