‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Willow Reaches Out, Shiloh Scrambles, And Jason’s Working The Angles

Michael YadaABC

Update: As The Inquisitr has just noted, due to the news coverage on ABC of the Notre Dame fire in Paris, ABC has decided to push Monday’s episode to Tuesday.

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, April 15, hint that everybody will be scrambling in regard to the Dawn of Day drama. Kristina was whisked safely out of the DoD house, but Shiloh is determined to find her. He seeks to keep anything problematic about his group from falling into the wrong hands.

Harmony discovered that the cup they used for Kristina’s drink was missing, but General Hospital spoilers tease that it won’t take Shiloh long to find it. The sneak peek for Monday’s show reveals that he’ll soon see Brad with it — and it sounds as if he’ll manage to prevent the truth about what was in that cup from emerging.

Willow’s experience with Shiloh and Dawn of Day has already been essential in helping Kristina. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will try to do more to help. Michael approached her, hoping she would talk to Kristina, but she may be hesitant to open up about all that she went through during her DoD days.

The preview for Monday’s episode shows that Willow will make a phone call, noting that she needs to see somebody immediately. It may be that it’s Michael she reaches out to, as she certainly knows more about Dawn of Day than she has shared with him.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Michael will make some connections during the next show, and fans suspect this will be in connection to Willow — and perhaps the aftermath of what her experience was with Shiloh. While viewers would love to see the baby swap storyline escalate in progressing toward the big, necessary revelations as a result of this upcoming conversation, it doesn’t look like Michael will make too much progress on that front.

As Shiloh approaches Brad — and tries to ensure that cup doesn’t cause trouble — as Willow reaches out, General Hospital spoilers note that Jason will share some updates. He’ll talk with Carly and Michael, telling them that he’s got one angle he’s pursuing. It’s known that Sam will continue to work her angle of sticking close by Shiloh’s side, pretending that she knows nothing about where Kristina has gone.

Monday’s episode also will show Spencer approaching Nina, telling her that Valentin is blackmailing him — and General Hospital spoilers detail that Cameron will land in trouble again. As The Inquisitr has shared, Cam will learn of a fresh bout of bullying at Aiden’s school, and this will cause a lot of chaos.

In addition, Valentin will reach out to Nora, seemingly to try to shake up the custody situation with Charlotte, as Lulu is out of town. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be a wild episode — one that will set the stage for a crazy week of intense chaos — and viewers will want to be sure to check this one out.