Baguette Pillow One Of Several Carb-Heavy Ways To Take Your Bread To Bed

Aaron Homer

Amazon has its share of weird products, and on Monday the online retailer's latest bread-based offering went viral after a Twitter user posted pictures of a blanket made to resemble a burrito. However, the burrito blanket is hardly the weirdest bread-based option the company has available.

Here are some of the weirder carb-based ways Amazon has made it possible for you to take bread to bed.

The Baguette Pillow

Love snuggling up to a giant, comfy pillow? Love eating a delicious French baguette? Now you can combine your two loves with this giant, baguette-shaped pillow, which can be yours for a mere $10.99 via Amazon.

"Wheat had better check with the manufacturer first, people barley know what they're doing yeast days," one funny customer quipped.

There were a couple of legitimate complaints as well, which didn't come from a place of snark or excessive punning. Mostly, shoppers complained about being misled by the size of the product, thanks to the photographer using forced perspective and a small model to make the pillow look bigger than it actually is.

The Burrito Blanket

No bedding ensemble is complete without a blanket, and if you love grain-based foodstuffs enough to buy a baguette pillow, then why not get a burrito blanket? It can be yours for $14.87, via Amazon.

As it turns out, this product is -- as of this writing -- devoid of snarky comments and clever puns in the description.

Half-Loaf Slippers

Finally, what's one to wear on one's feet before snuggling up in a bed of bread products. Shoes that look like cut loaves of bread, of course -- ranging in price from $17.99 to $20.99, depending on which third-party seller you use. And as you'll see from the link below, you can save even more money if you shop around.