Baguette Pillow One Of Several Carb-Heavy Ways To Take Your Bread To Bed

Amazon has its share of weird products, and on Monday the online retailer’s latest bread-based offering went viral after a Twitter user posted pictures of a blanket made to resemble a burrito. However, the burrito blanket is hardly the weirdest bread-based option the company has available.

Here are some of the weirder carb-based ways Amazon has made it possible for you to take bread to bed.

The Baguette Pillow

Love snuggling up to a giant, comfy pillow? Love eating a delicious French baguette? Now you can combine your two loves with this giant, baguette-shaped pillow, which can be yours for a mere $10.99 via Amazon.

Amazon users brought the snark and the puns, as one might expect. One comedian jokingly asked if it was garlic bread, to which another user replied, saying it’s 100 percent vampire-safe. Another Amazon customer facetiously complained that it doesn’t smell like bread, something which he found disappointing. Another praised the product for staying nice and warm, not unlike a fresh loaf of bread when pulled from the oven. And, of course, there were many puns being made.

“Wheat had better check with the manufacturer first, people barley know what they’re doing yeast days,” one funny customer quipped.

There were a couple of legitimate complaints as well, which didn’t come from a place of snark or excessive punning. Mostly, shoppers complained about being misled by the size of the product, thanks to the photographer using forced perspective and a small model to make the pillow look bigger than it actually is.

The Burrito Blanket

No bedding ensemble is complete without a blanket, and if you love grain-based foodstuffs enough to buy a baguette pillow, then why not get a burrito blanket? It can be yours for $14.87, via Amazon.

“Do you love Mexican food so much you want to reincarnate yourself as a giant burrito? Well, now you can! Behold, the Burrito Blanket! With this giant tortilla blanket you can become a taco, quesadilla, tostada, enchilada, burrito, taquito or use your imagination. Fun for 1, 2, or more people. Roll yourself up alone or with a friend for extra tasty good times,” a product description reads.

As it turns out, this product is — as of this writing — devoid of snarky comments and clever puns in the description.

Half-Loaf Slippers

Finally, what’s one to wear on one’s feet before snuggling up in a bed of bread products. Shoes that look like cut loaves of bread, of course — ranging in price from $17.99 to $20.99, depending on which third-party seller you use. And as you’ll see from the link below, you can save even more money if you shop around.

Unlike the previous entry in this list, the bread slippers have comments. And instead of sarcasm and witty zingers, the comments are mostly filled with complaints — almost all of them about the sizing. Of course, when you buy novelty clothing items meant to resemble food, a perfect fit may not be your most pressing concern.