'19 Kids And Counting's' Jill Duggar Offers Kate Middleton Overdue Advice As Royal Baby Wait Goes On

Jill Duggar-Dillard has offered some advice to Kate Middleton and her legion of fans as they wait for the royal baby to be born over a week after the child was originally due.

Duggar knows a thing or two about waiting to give birth, having also waited a week for Israel David Dillard to be born, which eventually happened on April 6. Duggar told People that all Middleton will want to hear at the moment are positive remarks about her appearance, which will keep her happy and positive in this frustrating period.

"Say something like, 'You look beautiful.' Don't say, 'You look huge,' or ask why the baby isn't here yet. Speak positively, be supportive and say something nice."
Duggar also believes that Kate Middleton's fervent fan-base need to just keep patient and they need to stop wondering when the child will actually be born.
"She is probably looking forward to seeing her baby just as much as the rest of the world is. She is probably not too excited to have the entire world putting her on a time clock. Everyone should just be patient and supportive."
The 23-year-old star of 19 Kids and Counting told those who are waiting with bated breath for the latest addition to the Royal family shouldn't keep reminding Middleton that she is overdue.
"People were asking me if I was having twins. The would say, 'When are you going to have that baby?' And some told me I was overdue. The lady who is pregnant is the last person who needs to hear that. The lady who is pregnant knows she's overdue. You are tired of hearing that."
It's widely believed that Kate Middleton is now a week overdue. However, a representative for the Royal family never provided an official due date for the Duchess of Cambridge, so this is all still speculative.

Royal family supporters and fans have been camped outside of Paddington's St. Mary's Hospital in central London for several days now, as they wait patiently for news of the birth. It's widely believed that if Middleton does not enter labor within the next few days, then the birth will be induced by doctors, and the Duchess will then be transported to the Lindo Wing at the aforementioned hospital where the procedure will take place.

Once the brother or sister to Prince George is born, the child's weight, gender, and time of birth will be announced on Twitter through Kensington Palace's official account.

[Image via In Touch Weekly/BP]