Trump Team Allegedly Has ‘Significant Concern’ About Mueller Report After AG Barr Briefed White House

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Three weeks after Donald Trump took to Twitter to wrongly declare that Russia investigation Special Counsel had granted him “Complete and Total EXONERATION,” on both collusion and obstruction of justice allegations, Trump’s White House team has now been secretly briefed on the Mueller report, and are showing “significant concern” over what the report will reveal about Trump’s activities during and after the 2016 presidential election.

The report of the briefing came from ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl, who made the revelations on the Sunday morning This Week with George Stephanopolous program, as posted on Twitter.

When he was asked during a congressional hearing on April 9 whether he had briefed Trump or anyone in the White House on the contents of the Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr simply refused to answer, according to a CNN report, telling House Appropriations Committee, “I’m not going to say anything more about it.”

But Barr added that he planned to hand over a heavily redacted version of the Mueller report to Congress “within a week.”

Trump and his inner circle are now “bracing” for that release, despite large portions of the report that are expected to be blacked out, and they expect it to contain “embarrassing specifics” about what Trump did during the election campaign, as The Inquisitr reported, and its aftermath when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May of 2017, saying that he had the Russia investigation in mind when he made the decision to fire Comey.

But according to Karl, the Trump aides are especially worried about what might have been said to Mueller by Trump’s former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

Don McGahn walks.
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“There are significant concerns about what will be in here, new information on the obstruction of justice question,” Karl told Stephanopolous. “What worries them most is what Don McGahn told the special counsel. It was reported that he spent 30 hours before the special counsel. I’m told it was significantly more than 30 hours.”

Karl also said that, for some reason, McGahn was never “debriefed” by White House aides following his interviews with Mueller. As a result, Trump’s closest aides have no idea what McGahn may have said to Mueller. But he likely discussed Trump’s attempts to fire Mueller, as well as circumstances surrounding Trump’s firing of Comey, Karl reported.

According to former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti, writing in Politico, the Mueller report’s most significant details are likely to deal directly with the obstruction of justice issue, which Mariotti called — more than any collusion evidence — the issue “that could cause Democrats to seriously push for impeachment.”