‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Spoiler Theory: The Dead Starks Will Rise As White Walkers

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Game of Thrones returns for Season 8 on Sunday. The final season of the popular HBO series has everyone talking about what may happen to their favorite character, and what twists and turns to expect as the series comes to a close.

According to The Guardian, there is a multitude of spoiler rumors floating around, and one of the most shocking is that the dead members of the Stark family could return as white walkers.

If the Night King makes his way to Winterfell during the battles to come, he could resurrect the dead family members, who are all buried beneath the city in the family tombs.

This would mean that the living members of the Stark family, such as Jon Snow, Arya, and Sansa, may come face to face with their fallen loved ones, such as their father, Ned Stark, mother Catelyn, brothers Robb and Rickon, or even their aunt, Lyanna, who was revealed to be Jon Snow’s real mother at the end of Season 7.

The report reveals that some Game of Thrones fans believe the dead Stark family members may even claim a life of their own, and it could be Arya, who would go on to become a white walker herself.

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However, another theory claims that Jon Snow may become a white walker, though he will be able to figure out a way to control his own mind, despite the Night King’s powers.

Many fans believe that Jon is the most likely person to kill the Night King, as he has the most experience with killing the undead army.

One theory posits that Jon will be engaged in battle with the white walker army when he’s shockingly killed — this time he’ll be resurrected as one of the ice zombies, which would grant him the element of surprise, and the chance to get close to the Night King in order to kill him.

Although it is unclear what happens if the Night King dies, it seems that his subjects could also die too. If this is true, killing the Night King is the one way to end the white walkers’ reign of terror over Westeros, and Jon could risk his life to ensure that he does just that.

It seems everyone is in the dark about how Game of Thrones will end, but the journey starts tonight when Season 8 debuts on HBO at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Ratings are expected to be high, and fans looking to avoid spoilers should stay off of social media.