Grab-N-Go Bikini Hut Girls Arrested For Flashing Customers, Not Serving Drinks

Three female employees at Grab-N-Go Bikini Hut were arrested on Wednesday after they allegedly exposed themselves to customers for a fee.

According to Everett Police spokesman, Aaron Snell:

“There was an exchange of money but there wasn’t any exchange of product or goods as far as coffee goes.”

Officers began watching the Bikini Hut two months ago. Officers say no signs of prostitution were observed; however, flashing customers for money is a violation of the city’s adult-entertainment codes.

The arrests included a 16-year-old Bikini Hut barista. The company’s owner since the time of the arrests has spoken out against police actions.

The following statement was issued by Bill Wheeler, Grab-N-Go’s owner:

In response to the recent investigation wire sent from the Everett Police department to the media outlets we are officially releasing this statement.

– Only two baristas were detained not three as claimed.

– No one was formerly charged.

– No video evidence was found nor reported to anyone in our administrative to appropriately deal with any misconduct.

– One employee detained was on her day off at office depot not at any other location.

– Only one location was involved.

– A search of the facility was done unlawfully without cause or appropriate documentation.

We feel this incident is a publicity stunt by the Everett PD for unjustifiable reasons. Our policy and procedures strictly state any employee engaging in lewd or inappropriate behavior will be terminated. We also have a zero tolerance policy for drug’s as well.

As always when it comes to any government agency question everything.

We also thank all of our customers for there support and the Everett policy department for the free press in yet another waste of our tax payers money.

Police have not responded to Bill Wheeler’s claims of innocence.