Michelle Obama Spotted Out In London With Burly Bodyguards

Sean GallupGetty Images

Former first lady Michelle Obama was spotted out at dinner in London ahead of her speaking engagement at the city’s O2 Arena in support of her book, Becoming.

The Daily Mail reports that Obama was spotted out in Mayfair at a top restaurant, Scott’s, with several large bodyguards accompanying her. The author will greet a sold-out crowd to talk about her humble beginnings in Chicago, and her roles as wife, mother, and first lady of the United States.

The book, Becoming: An Intimate Conversation With Michelle Obama, sold 750,000 on the first day of its release in North America, and has reached best-seller status around the world. The book is part of a two-book deal, and Obama is currently on a world tour throughout Europe.

In addition to the popular speaking events, the media has noted that Mrs. Obama was dressed impeccably on her tour, wearing suits by designers like Peter Dundas, says The Daily Mail. The green tuxedo suit, by Dundas, a Norwegian designer, was worn for her speaking engagement in Oslo.

Obama has been strategic in her fashion choices, often choosing to wear designers from the country in which she is appearing.

Dundas showed his gratitude for Mrs. Obama’s Oslo selection by posting a photo on Instagram of the former

“So excited seeing Michelle Obama in DUNDAS tonight. Thank you for choosing Oslo, my hometown to wear our custom emerald panther tuxedo suit and thank you for choosing DUNDAS!! Made my day. Hey made my week!!”

This was Michelle Obama’s first visit to Oslo since 2009, when her husband, President Barack Obama, received the Nobel Peace Prize.

On Mrs. Obama’s stop in Copenhagen, she was decked out in a suit by a Danish designer Stine Goya, says Vogue. In reviewing the former first lady’s outfit, the magazine noted that Obama is known for putting designers on the map.

“The salmon-pink suit, embellished with crystals in firework-like formations, was the perfect combination of business and pleasure, a theme that Obama has rocked throughout her book tour. Goya’s label, which was launched in 2006, has become known for its striking day dresses.”

Michelle Obama accessorized hers with pumps and her own jewelry. Page Six says that the blazer retails for $1,350, while the matching jacket goes for $960. In addition to the outfit, Obama’s jewelry also caught the attention of the fashion press, as the $16,250 diamond earrings caught the light, sparkling along with the suit’s crystals.