Trump Blasts ‘New York Times,’ Says ‘They Will Be Gone’ In Six Years

Alex WongGetty Images

In a series of Twitter messages posted Saturday, President Donald Trump ripped into the New York Times — a paper he has frequently targeted, and described as “phony” and “fake” — for, he claims, running false stories about him.

In the first Twitter message about the New York Times, Trump blasted the publication for what he claims is false reporting in an effort to make him look “bad,” predicting that it will be gone within six years. Apparently, the president is angry at the NYT for running a story about him wanting to release migrants into sanctuary cities, in retaliation to the Democrats’ refusal to fully accept his immigration policies.

“The New York Times Sanctuary Cities/Immigration story today was knowingly wrong on almost every fact. They never call to check for truth. Their sources often don’t even exist, a fraud. They will lie & cheat anyway possible to make me look bad. In 6 years they will be gone…”

The president’s second tweet about the nation’s leading paper alleged that it had “begged” its subscribers for “forgiveness,” in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. The New York Times, according to Trump, apologized to him.

“But now they are even worse, really corrupt reporting!” the president said.

It remains unclear which NYT story about immigration Trump is actually referring to, since the outlet published a number of them over over the past few days. On April 12, The New York Times ran a story about Trump’s threats of releasing migrants in so-called sanctuary cities.

The story cites the president’s own statements — he has repeatedly suggested that it would be a good idea to flood sanctuary cities with migrants, via Twitter and during press briefings.

“We are looking at the possibility, strongly looking at it to be honest with you,” Trump told reporters on Friday.

Another New York Times story about Trump wanting to release migrants in sanctuary cities, published on April 11, cites individuals briefed on the matter and top White House aides suggesting that the administration is developing a policy to move apprehended migrants from border towns to sanctuary cities.

Trump, who has often sparred with the media, appears to be developing another immigration crackdown. The administration has recently started taking aim at asylum seekers, blaming legal loopholes, Mexico, and the Democratic Party for what the president claims is a failure to effectively curb illegal immigration.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the media has alleged that the president is instructing top immigration officials to break the law by blocking asylum seekers from entering the country. The Department of Homeland Security has denied these reports.