Baby Found Dead In Freezer: Ohio Mom Gets Life In Prison For Aggravated Murder

Toledo, OH – Kenisha Pruitt gets life in prison after pleading to the aggravated murder of her baby. The infant was found dead inside a freezer. The guilty plea included dropping two other related lesser charges against the Ohio mom.

The baby was found dead in a freezer last April. An autopsy revealed that he newborn had been submerged in water, strangled, wrapped in a towel, and then placed inside the freezer. The baby’s father, Antonio Cervantes, also lived inside the same home, according to the Toledo Blade. The landlord found the baby while cleaning out the property, the Huffington Post notes.

Cervantes has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, and child endangerment. Kenisha Pruitt’s responses to the judge during the plea hearing were barely audible in the courtroom. She merely answered “yes” quietly to questions the Ohio judge asked about how the baby died.

According to the Toledo mom’s testimony, she gave birth in the bathroom. Pruitt claims that after she delivered her baby, she climbed into the bathtub to clean herself after giving the newborn to the father. Kenisha Pruitt also admitted under oath that Antonio Cervantes handed the baby back to her while she was in the bathtub.

Once the newborn was back in her arms, she held the infant under the water. Pruitt claims that when she gave the baby back to the father once again, he gave her a shoelace to tie around the baby’s neck. The women then informed the court that Cervantes took the baby out of the bathroom and placed the body inside a plastic bag.

After the court hearing concluded, the local prosecuting attorney stated she was going to re-launch the Safe Haven for Newborns initiative.

What sentence would you have given the Ohio mom whose newborn baby was killed and then placed inside a freezer?

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