Ohio Mom Accused Of Duct Taping Faces And Heads Of Two Children

Sandusky, OH – An Ohio mom plead not guilty to charges of duct taping the heads and faces of two childrens. Tiffany Ennis, 31, is charged with two counts of child endangerment for her alleged actions. The Ohio mom supposedly sent a text message showing her 8-year-old son with his mouth, eyes, and forehead duct taped together.

The boy’s father, Rudy Yado, reportedly feared for his son’s safety and called the police. Yado sent a text message back stating that duct taping the child’s face was not funny. Ennis supposedly responded that the head taping was indeed humorous, NewsNet 5 reports.

Tiffany Ennis told Sandusky police officers that she and a friend were “playing around” with their kids and duct tape. The Ohio mom claims that she wrapped the duct tape over her son’s mouth and eyes because they both thought it was “funny,” ABC News reports.

Just the boy’s nose was left showing when the head duct-taping was completed. According to the police report, Ennis also allegedly taped the head of an 11-year-old girl. The child endangerment report also noted that the children were unharmed and without marks.

The Sandusky mom was arrested after police officers and Erie County Child Services workers investigated the complaint. It is unknown if the 8-year-old boy is still living with his mother. Tiffany Ennis is due back in court to answer the child endangerment charges in May.

The Sandusky mom is not the first woman from the Buckeye State to get into trouble over duct tape recently. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an Ohio teacher faces firing for a duct tape stunt in the classroom.

Do you think duct taping children is funny or a form of child abuse?

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