‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Iain Glen Cast As Batman In ‘Titans’ Season 2

The DC Universe original show Titans is making headlines with some innovative and bold casting choices with Season 2 of the show, as reported by The Inquisitr. A Deadline exclusive now reports that Game Of Thrones’ star Iain Glen has been cast as Bruce Wayne in Season 2 of Titans.

Titans is the first original series from DC Comics and Warner Bros.’ own digital streaming platform DC Universe. Season 1 of the show saw a grown-up Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) trying to make a life for himself as a detective, away from his life as Batman’s sidekick, Robin. While protecting a young girl in need, Grayson encounters others struggling to find their place in the world. The show marks the first time the comic book property of Teen Titans has been brought to live-action.

Please be warned that the following will feature ample spoilers regarding the ending of Season 1 of Titans.

Season 1 ended with a fantasy scenario that featured a murderous Batman that pushed Grayson over the edge into darkness, as part of a larger plot by the season’s supernatural villain, Trigon. While the Batman seen in that episode was mostly someone in the Bat-suit, seen through shadows and tricky camera angles, Deadline now confirms that audiences will definitely see more of the character in Season 2.

Game Of Thrones star Iain Glen will be portraying the iconic character of Bruce Wayne in Season 2 of Titans, in a recurring role, as per Deadline. Glen is famous for playing Sir Jorah Mormont, closest confidant to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the hit HBO series. The official character description from the Titans‘ producers describes this version of Bruce Wayne.

“After decades of fighting crime as Batman, billionaire Bruce Wayne is just as driven to protect Gotham from evil as he was in his prime. Needing to reconcile his relationship with Dick Grayson, the duo hope to forge a new dynamic as Bruce tries to help his former sidekick and the Titans achieve success.”

This incarnation of Bruce Wayne definitely looks to be much older than previous versions. The most recent has been that of Ben Affleck in the DCEU movie, Justice League. Glen is a completely different choice than that of Affleck, and will seemingly play a much older Batman.

It’s still unclear whether Glen will eventually suit up as Batman or not, as the story may just necessitate a Wayne story arc and not Batman himself. Glen has shown that he doesn’t shy away from physically demanding performances if the story calls for it, having performed many fight sequences during his tenure on Game Of Thrones.

Iain Glen can be seen next in the Game Of Thrones Season 8 premiere on April 14 on HBO.
Titans Season 2 is set to premiere on DC Universe sometime in the fall.

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