Google Glass Arrival Confirmed For 2013

After waiting all this time, consumers will finally be able to grab their very own Google Glasses.

The final version of Google Glass will hit shelves in late 2013, and — get this — will cost less than $1500, according to Google.

At this time, Google has released neither a price nor a date, but with this announcement comes the clearest picture given to consumers of what to expect of its stylish, futuristic headgear.

According to PCWorld, this news follows Google’s announcement of the feature list for Glass which was released earlier this week, along with the Glass Developers option.

Users of Google Glass will be able to activate voice controls through the device by first saying “OK Glass,” and then saying things like “Take a picture” or “Search the web for…” Users can also get directions, record video, get translations, and see notifications from Google Now on the device’s display.

Google is also in talks with Warby Parker, an eyewear manufacturer, to design frames that are a bit more stylish than Google’s current design.

The company hasn’t yet revealed what the final Google Glass will look like.

CNET reported that the promotional videos for Google Glass are almost identical to actual user experiences, although they noted that voice control is still a bit patchy and that slower data connections can turn the device in to a bulky pair of useless glasses.