Hillary Clinton Might Call Your Mom On Mother's Day

Hillary Clinton has a Mother's Day gift idea for those who aren't sure what to get their moms. Today Clinton announced a contest where supporters can enter to win a Mother's Day call from the Democratic presidential hopeful herself. Hillary's contest begins May 3 and ends May 8. Five winners will get to choose the person they want Hillary Clinton to call and a bumper sticker.

Clicking on the link takes you to Clinton's campaign page, where you're asked to enter your e-mail address and zip code. Afterwards, you're asked to make a donation -- however, according to the Washington Post, the fine print states you can enter the contest without donating. It's also noted a donation doesn't increase the chance of winning. The bottom of the page reads, "No purchase, payment, or contribution is necessary to win, and will not improve chances of winning."

In addition to tweeting about the contest twice on Twitter, Hillary also promoted the Mother's Day phone call to supporters in an e-mail.

"I've been a mother for more than 35 years now, and I'm still not sure how my mother did it. She didn't always have an easy life, but she managed to remain strong and kind and always remember everyone who helped her. I'm sure you have a story like this about your mom. I'd like to hear it and thank her for all that she's done."
In Clinton's email, the person she calls doesn't necessarily have to be your mother but could be a mother-like figure in your life.
"You're an important part of this campaign, and that means you're important to me. So on Mother's Day, I'd like to call the mom in your life--someone who is special to you and helped you get there--and say thank you."
The International Business Times reports this campaign strategy is different than the one Clinton employed in her 2008 run. Clinton was said to have appeared unlikable and unapproachable. Hillary's current campaign is focusing on her roles as a woman and mother. Will campaign strategies such as this Mother's Day phone call win over potential voters? While Clinton hasn't been confirmed as the official Democratic nominee for the upcoming presidential race, this could help boost support for Hillary.

Mother's Day is next Sunday on May 10. Do you plan to enter the Hillary Clinton's Mother's Day contest?

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]