‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Will Awaken From His Coma, But His Prognosis Remains Dire

Craig SjodinABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will feature some scenes with Oscar and his loved ones, and new spoilers have emerged about where this is headed. As viewers saw in earlier episodes, Oscar collapsed on the bridge while he was with Josslyn, and he’s been in a coma since then. It looks like he’s facing his final days and Joss, Kim, and Drew are desperate to see him wake up.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps, Oscar will come out of his coma. It wasn’t detailed for certain whether this happens during Friday’s show or during the coming week, but he will have a bit more time with his loved ones.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Monica will gently explain to everybody that there is nothing more that can be done to help Oscar. It seems that she will encourage everybody to spend the time they can with the teen during these difficult days.

Julian will do his best to support Kim, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will make a phone call to Jax. The Inquisitr shared a while back that Ingo Rademacher would be returning as Jasper Jacks, and many figured this would be in conjunction with Oscar’s passing. As much as Joss has been leaning on her mom Carly, it makes sense that she’ll need her dad Jax, too.

While Jax may come back to support Josslyn, from the looks of things, he’ll be sticking around Port Charles beyond whatever happens next with Oscar. He has been filming for several weeks now, and it would seem his first return air date should be soon.

Sadly, it looks like Drew will be facing the loss of his son without a significant other to lean on as Kim has. The writers just haven’t been able to develop a lasting romantic storyline for Billy Miller since Steve Burton returned as the “real” Jason, but this would sure be a good time to figure something out for the fan-favorite actor.

Actress Eden McCoy, who plays Josslyn, recently opened up about the emotional storyline she’s been given to play over these past few months. As The Inquisitr detailed, she didn’t reveal anything too substantial in terms of General Hospital spoilers regarding Oscar’s fate, but it certainly doesn’t look good at this point.

So far, General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed a timeline for these seemingly final days of Oscar’s life. Will some kind of last-minute miracle pop up that saves the teen? It’s not looking likely now, but fans who have enjoyed the teen storyline aren’t giving up hope yet.