What Would It Be Like If Waiters Were Honest? -- Buzzfeed Shows Everyone In Hilarious Viral Video

Over the past year or so, Americans have shown tremendous amounts of generosity towards those who work in the service industry, primarily through phenomenal tips. The Inquisitr reported on such wonderful situations for servers. One waiter received a $1,000 tip on a $60 meal, which in turn will help pay for her trip to Italy. Another waiter in Phoenix, Arizona, got an $11,000 tip from an anonymous patron, as part of the "Tips for Jesus" movement.

Such tips may be a result of phenomenal customer service, though it might be that the customers are truly generous. However, what is waiters were honest? Would customers still provide these generous tips? Though such a situation hasn't been reported, there is a video that shows what it would look like if waiters were truly honest to their customers.

The video was uploaded by BuzzFeedYellow on their official YouTube channel. In it, they have multiple actors represent three waitresses and one waiter. Some of the lines used are actually quite accurate on how they think. For example, waiting is usually the lowest paid positions in restaurants, depending mostly on tips. Ergo, when they smile, it is usually because they are thinking the following as represented by one of the waitresses in the video.

"Hey guys, I'll be your server! I'm only smiling because I want you to top me as much a possible."
Other entertaining honest lines used are in conjunction with the waiter's attributes, which are mostly physical. For example, there is one waitress who is wearing a low-cut shirt (reminiscent of breastaurants) who had this entertaining quote, which easily burns one of the cheesiest pick-up lines men use on women.
"Yes, I caught you staring at my boobs. No, they are not on the menu."
Apparently, the video is a success. It has over 187,000 views along with over 10,000 likes (most likely from those who worked in a restaurant environment) since it was uploaded on May 3, 2015. Not only that, the video is currently the second most popular video on the #PopularOnYouTube list, as of the publication of this article.

[Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty]