Couple Of Boobs Rob A Hooters, Leave With Juke Box Instead Of ATM

The Hooters restaurant in Rancho Bernardo may have the world’s greatest jukebox. Or, maybe, two inept crooks mistook the music box for the restaurants ATM.

Police in San Diego are currently searching for two thieves who broke into a Hooters restaurant earlier this week. The thieves stole the restaurant’s jukebox but police believe that they were trying to steal the ATM.

NBC San Diego reports that two men in their 20s drove a truck up to the restaurant early on Tuesday morning. One of the crooks got out of the car and smashed the glass door with a blunt object while the other robber backed the truck up to the door. The two criminals then pushed the freestanding jukebox out and loaded it onto the truck.

The entire robbery was caught on a surveillance camera.

Police are looking for two men in their early 20s driving a late 1990s model Nissan or Dodge with a crew cab. Police said that the truck hit the building during the robbery and now has a broken tail light.

If you’ve seen these two boobs, or the five foot tall jukebox with the Hooters logo on it, you can call Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

Do you think the two crooks meant to steal the world’s greatest jukebox? Or were they trying to steal an ATM?