The Worst Job At Walt Disney World Revealed, And It’s Likely Not What You Think

Darrell TaylorFlickr(CC BY 2.0 Aaron Homer)

The worst job at Walt Disney World, according to former employees — or cast members, as they’re called — has been revealed. If you’re thinking custodial jobs, you’d be wrong.

No one really relishes in the idea of having to walk around in the hot Florida sun, picking up trash, cleaning up vomit, and dealing with the odd animal carcass. But custodial jobs at Walt Disney World bring with them a benefit that makes them somewhat attractive: custodial workers get to interact with visitors — or guests, as they’re termed — and those interactions are generally positive.

Not so for the least-wanted job at Walt Disney World. That job has little guest interaction, and what guest interaction it offers is generally negative, as Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

The job in question?

Behind-the-scenes work at fast food stands. It’s hot, it’s high-pressure, rush hour is all day, and there’s little to no interaction with guests. And when guests do talk to these workers, it’s usually because of a problem, such as a botched order. And such guests are usually agitated, says a former cast member.

“People usually choose to become cast members because they like interacting with guests. But this job gives only the shortest of interactions (and sometimes none at all).”

Of course, it bears noting that the definition of “worst job” largely depends on your point of view. By the standards set forth in the previous paragraph, housekeeping — cheekily referred to as “mousekeeping” — would also be a bad job, unless you enjoy repetitive work in high-pressure environment.

But enough about the bad, what about the good? What are the best jobs at Walt Disney World?

Well, again, it depends on your point of view. Groundskeeping, for example, would be an attractive job for someone who enjoys pruning, planting, digging, and similar work — but would be hell for, say, someone who enjoys air-conditioned comfort. Similarly, the job of sound technician is also an in-demand job around the theme parks. However, this job requires riding the same attraction over and over again all day, listening for minor variations in the soundtrack — and knowing how to deal with it.

All things considered, however, the consensus among cast members current and former, according to Readers Digest, is that character actors (those who perform as characters such as Snow White or Flynn Rider) have the best jobs in the parks. They get to act in-character, and most importantly, they get to make special moments for their guests. Other desirable jobs including lifeguarding, and “skippers” on the Jungle Cruise attraction.