AMC’s Third ‘Walking Dead’ Series Will Be Filmed In Virginia, Which Means Still No International Walkers

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, AMC has recently announced a second spinoff series from its original series, The Walking Dead. Fans immediately wondered about the location of the new series. However, for those getting excited at the potential of some international Walking Dead action, it appears this will not be the case.

According to NBC29, the debut season of the third Walking Dead series will be filmed in Virginia. The 10-episode series will also begin filming this summer.

“We are delighted to welcome AMC back to Virginia,” Governor Northam announced.

“The series will provide high-paying jobs for our skilled workers and will invite economic opportunity for Virginia businesses large and small. Uniquely, the series also brings with it a devoted global fan-base, creating immeasurable added value for the commonwealth as the franchise’s powerful spotlight shines on Virginia.”

As a result of AMC choosing Virginia as the location for the third Walking Dead franchise installment, it means they will be eligible to receive a Virginia film tax credit.

Governor Northam also pointed out that the placement of the new Walking Dead series in Virginia would be a likely boon for the local economy.

The Walking Dead original filming location, rural Senoia, Georgia, saw explosive economic growth thanks to thousands of tourists per year visiting to get a glimpse of filming sites,” Northam said. “With Virginia already a wonderful place to visit and vacation, we are in the ultimate position to capitalize on this lucrative added tourism draw.”

However, many fans were hoping that the next series based in the Walking Dead universe would contain an international element. Already, there have been some hints that The Walking Dead could eventually end up in international waters. The Walking Dead director and special effects artist Greg Nicotero has previously told Fandom that he would like to see the series head overseas.

“We’ve done a good job of allowing our audience to populate the US and I think there’s a lot more opportunities outside of the US for a zombie show.”

However, it seems that the latest series announcement will not fulfill Nicotero’s wish.

As yet, all that is known about this new Walking Dead series is that it will star two women in the lead roles, according to Sarah Barnett, who is the president of AMC’s entertainment networks. This has arisen from the fact that some of the female characters in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead “have resonated strongly with the audience,” according to Variety.

No premiere date has been announced yet for the new Walking Dead television series other than the release year of 2020. In addition, AMC also hasn’t made a premiere announcement for Season 10 of The Walking Dead. However, viewers can look forward to the Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead when it premieres on June 2.