Second Amendment: New Report Ranks ‘Best’ And ‘Worst’ Gun Friendly States

The Second Amendment welcome mat is reportedly more prevalent in some states than others. A map based upon the strictness of gun laws was generated by the Brady Campaign.

The colorful map is depicted in shades of red and green. States which boast the most “relaxed” gun ownership laws are in red and were placed on the “worst” list. States listed as green had the toughest gun ownership laws and were placed on the “best” list. Variations in the color schemes indicate the sates in the middle.

The Brady Campaign scored each of the 50 states in multiple categories to determine their placement on the gun ownership map. State licensing requirements and background checks on all gun purchases were among the laws considered during the study, The Blaze notes.

None of the states garnered a perfect score. California scored at the top of the most restrictive state for gun laws. The West Coast state earned 81 points in the gun friendly states report. With the exception of Hawaii, all of the other states near the top of the most restrictive list were on the East Coast.

States which the Brady Campaign gave a green light to for stringent gun laws include Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

A total of three states scored zero points on the Brady checklist. Such a designation earned them a spot on the worst list. Gun rights supporters might consider the zero actually a perfect score considering the criteria. The gun friendly states with a zero score included Arizona, Utah, and Alaska.

States which were also placed near the top of the worst list include North Dakota, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Wyoming.

How do you feel about your state’s gun laws?

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