Here’s How Much The 2020 Democratic Candidates Have Raised So Far

Dwight BurdetteWikimedia Commons(CC BY 3.0 Aaron Homer)

The first of the primaries and caucuses that will eventually pave the way for the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in the 2020 election is still months away, and already over a dozen Democrats have announced that they are running for the nomination. Similarly, a handful have formed exploratory committees — but have not yet officially announced their candidacy — and at least one individual continues to hint, broadly, that he’s running.

Of course, getting a major party’s nomination — and getting to the White House — is a process that requires tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Here is a list of the Democratic candidates that have officially announced that they’re running for president, and how much money they’ve raised thus far.

Tim Ryan

According to Open Secrets, the Ohio congressman, who only officially announced his candidacy last week, had raised $1.6 million for his campaign committee as of April 4, most of that left over from the previous election cycle. It remains unclear, as of this writing, how much money he’s raised — if any — since announcing his candidacy.

Kirsten Gillibrand

As of April 3, per Open Secrets, Gillibrand hasn’t raised any money — at least according to her own reporting. She reportedly has over $10 million left over in her campaign coffers from her 2018 Senate campaign.

Beto O’Rourke

The El Paso businessman has raised $9.4 million from 218,000 donors. It remains unclear, thus far, how much of that is leftover money from his 2018 Senate campaign.

John Hickenlooper

The former Colorado governor has not yet revealed how much money he’s raised.

Jay Inslee

The current Washington governor has not yet publicly revealed his campaign donations.

Bernie Sanders

The front-runner amongst all Democratic candidates who have officially announced their candidacy so far has also taken the lead in campaign contributions. According to Business Insider, he raised $10 million in the first week since announcing his candidacy. That number has since grown to $18.2 million.

Amy Klobuchar

The Minnesota senator recently announced that she had achieved her fundraising goals, but did not state what that goal is — nor has she revealed how much money she’s raised.

Elizabeth Warren

Like Klobuchar, the Massachusetts senator has also announced that she’s met her fundraising goal, but has not publicly revealed what that goal is — or how much she’s raised.

Cory Booker

The New Jersey Democrat has also not revealed how much money he’s raised. It’s believed that he has at least $4 million left over from his Senate campaign.

Kamala Harris

In second place behind Sanders’ nearly $20 million is Harris, who has raised $12 million as of April 4.

Julian Castro

The former San Antonio mayor has not yet revealed his campaign contributions.

Tulsi Gabbard

The Hawaii congresswoman has not yet revealed her campaign contributions.

John Delaney

The former congressman has not yet revealed his campaign contributions.

Wayne Messam

The Miramar, Florida, mayor has not yet revealed his campaign contributions.

Andrew Yang

The former tech executive has raised $1.7 million.

For the sake of simplicity, this list excludes the campaign contributions towards candidates who have not yet officially announced their candidacy, but are currently raising money via exploratory committees. This list also excludes individuals who are raising money, but have not yet formed a committee — or announced their candidacy.