President Obama's Uncle Highlights The Massive Illegal Immigration Problem In America

Tara Dodrill

COMMENTARY | The immigration debate is perhaps best highlighted by the most well-known illegal alien in the country – President Barack Obama's uncle. As previously reported by The Inqusitr, Onyango Obama was the target of a deportation hearing in December. The elder Obama's most recent hearing was not his first, but came after a DUI arrest where a police cruiser was damaged.

Fox News journalist Jesse Watters tracked down Onyango Obama and shared the footage on the Thursday evening O'Reilly Factor episode, republished by The Blaze. The illegal alien who calls the president nephew, lives in Framingham, Massachussetts. Watters caught up with him at the liquor store where he works.

Watters asked him repeatedly if he thought he deserved citizenship, but the only comment he received from Onyango Obama was a threat to call the police. Onyango Obama came to the United States on a Visa as a student, he never graduated and has been hauled into multiple deportation hearings over the past several decades.

Perhaps the notable illegal alien received special treatment when he was once again allowed to appeal deportation after the DUI arrest, but Barack Obama was not president in the 43 years prior when his uncle broke the law by over-staying his Visa.

Onyango Obama committed his first crime when he remained in America illegally, and then another when he reportedly drove with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. A recent poll on illegal immigration republished by Reuters revealed that a majority of Americans want most, if not all, illegal aliens deported.

Liberals were likely aghast at the findings in the poll, proving the far left is once again out of step with mainstream America. We have no idea who is living in our country, the borders need to be secure and a full background check conducted on all folks attempting to move here legally. Having a desire to deport all illegal immigrants is not racist, it's a matter of national security.

If someone breaks into your home and takes your property because you have accumulated so much through hard work, and they have so little, no one disputes your desire to send them to jail. If you're a car-jacking victim, no one would blame you for wanting to send a carless person to jail. When someone moves into a vacant home because they do not have one, they are breaking the law and will ultimately be removed by police officers. Entering the country illegally is a very similar to these types of crimes.

The governmental red tape associated with legal immigration should be streamlined, but a long wait is no excuse for breaking the law. Americans deal with frustrating obstacles and long waits when dealing with nearly any branch of government on a regular basis.

The liberal argument that we are a nation of immigrants so everyone who strolled across the border should be allowed to stay is juvenile. When America had an open door policy on immigration during our formative years, the host of taxpayer funded entitlement programs we now have, did not exist.

Early and modern immigrants may share a desire for a better life, it's the path to achieve such a life that has changed so drastically. Coming to America for a better life via "free stuff" is a thought which never popped into the heads of our ancestors. Of course all illegal immigrants are not seeking a free ride, but far too many have been doing just that for decades.

Would America collapse without all of the illegal immigrants who pick fruit, mow lawns, or serve as nannies, as the far left contends? Maybe. But the reason America would be at risk due to a lack of low-skilled workers is part of the larger problem. Jobs are hard to find in our current economy, but the reason why "help wanted" ads for low-skilled jobs go unfilled once again leads us back to entitlement programs.

During the same Bill O'Reilly episode, he highlighted a Pennsylvania study which showed how a single mother of two could garner $80,000 in government assistance during a single year. An interview with a woman who fit the parameters was actually an example of how the system is supposed to work, but her comments on the welfare circle of dependency were startling all the same.

The former stay-at-home wife and mother found herself without any hirable skills after divorce. She looked for assistance while she got her life together and attended nursing school. Helping such a woman temporarily is why the welfare program was created. But even she noted that it is hard to have incentive to go back to work when she makes so much money staying home, that the taxpayer funded assistance becomes very hard to give up after a while. At the end of the interview she voiced a desire to "one day" leave the government dole. Hopefully the Pennsylvania mom will be a success story and not just another statistic.

Since un-skilled workers can rely on the government to meet their needs, employers look to illegal aliens to do the work – any likely pay a lot less in the process.

Illegal immigrants, whether they be the president's uncle or one of the nameless masses, should be deported and our border secured. Once the border is secure and common sense measures are instituted for legal immigration, then the gates to the promised land can be once again be opened on a case-by-case basis.

How do you feel about illegal immigration?

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