Nurses Bail Out Illinois Father Who Was Arrested After Speeding Daughter To Hospital

Donecia PittmanPixabay

Every parents’ worst nightmare became a reality on Thursday for an Illinois father named Darius Hinkle when he realized his 1-year-old daughter was choking on a penny. Unable to save his toddler, Hinkle admitted to local reporters the only thing on his mind was getting her to a hospital and saving her life.

According to local news outlet KTVI, Hinkle admitted to getting behind the wheel and rushing his 1-year-old to the hospital even though he was an unlicensed driver. Darius admittedly violated several traffic laws and had more than a few different police vehicles from several agencies following behind him by the time he arrived at the hospital.

After arriving at the Touchette Regional Hospital in Centreville and passing off his daughter to emergency personnel, he was taken into custody.

The toddler’s mother, Donecia Pittman, later arrived at the jail to bail him out. She, however, was surprised to learn that someone she didn’t recognize was already in the process of bailing Hinkle out.

The woman later introduced herself to the mother as one of the nurses at the hospital their young daughter had been rushed to.

The mother and Darius later learned several of the nurses at the hospital were so moved when they learned what he had done to save his daughter’s life that they collectively chipped in enough money to pay the bail so he and his family didn’t have to.

Hinkle told reporters he was overwhelmed and “couldn’t thank” the nurses enough for their generosity regarding his bail.

As news of the Hinkle’s arrest and the nurses chipping in to bail him out spreads on social media, parents all over the world have chimed in with their thoughts. Many have taken issue with the fact that the police chased him and arrested him instead of providing him with an escort to the hospital.

Many praised the father for doing just what any parent in that situation would – and should – do.

Unfortunately for Hinkle, there were also a few parents who weren’t shy about taking issue with the fact that a 1-year-old was close enough to a penny to choke on it in the first place. These individuals slammed the father for not keeping a closer eye and protecting the 1-year-old from harm that she never should have been placed in.

Some who took to social media were very torn on how the father responded to the situation as they believe he should have just called 911.

Hinkle’s daughter has since been treated, released from the hospital, and is currently doing just fine according to her parents.