iPhone 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones, Motorola Rated Least Reliable

The Apple iPhone line of devices is 300 percent more reliable than Samsung’s line of smartphones, according to a new report by product Q&A destination FixYa. The company tested various smartphones head-to-head with a focus on the Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia Lumia smartphone lines.

The company found that Apple is roughly three times more reliable than Samsung, five times more reliable than Nokia, and a whopping 25 times more reliable than Motorola.

FixYa analyzed data from a combined 722,558 problem impressions and combined that data with market share data from StatCounter. The company than created a Smartphone Reliability Score for each device line.

According to the report each device scored as follows:

  • Apple: 3.47
  • Samsung: 1.21
  • Nokia: 0.68
  • Motorola: 0.13

The company found that relative to market share Apple won over Samsung because of its “dead simple user interface.” Customers did complain about Apple’s battery life and inability to swap batteries.

The report also found that Motorola was consistently the worst device manufacturer with 136,436 problem impressions reported on FixYa.

While users love the Samsung display and appreciate the user interface, they complained about microphone and speaker issues.

One of Nokia’s biggest problems was its lack of an app ecosystem. It should be noted that developers are more openly adapting to the Windows Phone ecosystem, which should increase that rating in the future.

Here are the top five issues for each smartphone line:

Top 5 Apple Issues:

Battery Life (35%), Lack of New Features (20%), No Customizability (15%), Can’t Connect Wifi (15%), Other (15%)

Top 5 Motorola Issues:

Preinstalled Apps (30%), Touchscreen Issues (25%), Speaker Quality (20%), Camera Quality (15%), Other (10%)

Top Samsung Issues:

Microphone Issues (40%), Speaker Issues (20%), Battery Life (15%), Device Gets Hot (15%), Other ( 10%)

Top 5 Nokia Issues:

Laggy Response Time (35%), Poor App Ecosystem (20%), Battery Life ( 20%), Device Gets Hot (15%), Other (10%)

According to FixYa CEO and founder Yaniv Bensadon:

Smartphones are consistently being compared on a case by case basis, but no one has looked at the overall trends across a manufacturers’ entire smartphone line. Our newest FixYa report looks at lines like the iPhone, Galaxy, or Lumia, and through a careful analysis of issues versus market share, we’ve been able to directly compare manufacturers using a reliability score. The result is a scaled approach to fairly compare these top companies to truly see who is the most reliable, and who is barely even competing.”

You can read the full FixYa report here.