Olivia Jade May Have Agreed To Bribery Scheme Thinking They Wouldn't Get Caught

Olivia Jade Giannulli, best known as YouTube and Instagram personality Olivia Jade, could be in an even stickier position if it's proven that she knew what her parents, actor Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli, did.

PageSix says that a source in contact with Olivia Jade says that she knew about her parents' questionable efforts to get her and her sister into USC, bypassing the usual application methods. Despite knowing that her parents were cheating to make a place for her at the school, Olivia Jade is still blaming her parents and not herself.

"She would have never gone along with it if she thought this would happen. Her thing is that she trusted her parents."
After losing major endorsement deals, the YouTuber is just interested in rebuilding her brand as she is not returning to the university (and at this time, isn't being prosecuted by the federal government). After her parents' arrest, she was dropped by the hair care company, TRESemme and the makeup giant, Sephora, with whom she had partnered to create a contouring palette.

The same source adds that Olivia Jade is staying away from home as much as possible because she is upset with her parents and isn't sure what will happen with the legal drama.

"Olivia is still distraught and embarrassed. She hasn't been home much. She is very angry with her parents."
Neither Olivia Jade nor her sister, Isabella Rose Giannulli, have spoken publicly about what they knew and when about applying to USC, but court documents say that both women were photographed in crew boats, despite the fact that neither are rowers or on crew teams.

But while neither of the Giannulli daughters has been charged along with their parents and 33 others, one college student, Isabelle Henriquez, is being charged along with parents, coaches, and those who organized the college con, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Henriquez is a junior at Georgetown University who, along with her parents, were captured in phone conversations discussing the ways they would cheat to get Henriquez, a resident of California, into Georgetown.

This included assistance in taking the SAT exam and faking her place as a top tennis recruit despite the fact that she didn't play the game. Included in the complaint against Henriquez was a letter written by the student to the Georgetown tennis coach, who has also been indicted in the scandal.

"I have been really successful this summer playing tennis around the country. I am looking forward to having a chance to be part of the Georgetown tennis team and make a positive contribution to your team's success."
It is possible that other students like the Giannullis could be charged, but at this time, Isabelle Henriquez is the only current college student among those being prosecuted.