Trump On Biden: 'I Don't See Him As A Threat'

President Donald Trump said Friday that he does not see potential Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden as a threat, The Hill reports.

"I don't see him as a threat," Trump told reporters gathered outside the White House. "I think he's only a threat to himself," the president added.

Trump then suggested that the former vice president, a veteran politician, does not have a good record, given that he served in the Obama administration.

"He's been there a long time. His record's not good. He'd have to run on the Obama failed record."
Trump's comments about Joe Biden, who has all but officially launched his presidential campaign, come amid controversy, as Biden faces multiple allegations from women accusing him of inappropriate touching.

What started the avalanche of accusations is Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores' story. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Flores detailed her own uncomfortable encounter with Biden in a viral column, recalling how the former vice president approached her from behind, placed his hands on her shoulders, and then proceeded to smell and kiss her hair.

"I was shocked. I was confused. I couldn't move and I couldn't say anything. I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me," she wrote.

Flores' op-ed shifted the attention to Biden's tendency to make women uncomfortable, prompting media to discuss to great extent the former vice president's "creepy" and inappropriate touching of women. Over the years, dozens of articles have come out pointing out that Biden has a tendency to get too close to women, without asking for their consent.

As The Washington Examiner observed, eight women have so far publicly accused Biden of inappropriate touching. Conservative media jumped at the chance to criticize and ridicule the former vice president, and Donald Trump joined in as well.

As The Hill notes, the president recently tweeted a parody video showing Biden approaching himself from behind, and smelling his own hair. The former vice president has since attempted to apologize, even tweeting out an apology video.

"I'm sorry I didn't understand more. I'm not sorry for any of my intentions. I'm not sorry for anything that I have ever done," Biden told reporters on Friday, according to The Western Journal.

While it remains to be seen whether allegations of inappropriate touching will be Biden's undoing, his conservative voting record will certainly be re-examined. In an incredibly crowded and largely progressive Democratic field, Biden stands out as a supporter of the Iraq war and the war on drugs, author of the PATRIOT act, and as someone who advocated against racial integration.