Lara Trump Says That Timing Of Joe Biden Accusations Is ‘Very Convenient’

Scott OlsonGetty images

Fox News reports that President Donald Trump’s 2020 senior campaign adviser Lara Trump isn’t totally buying the accusations of inappropriate touching leveled against former Vice President Joe Biden, which emerged ahead of his expected 2020 presidential announcement. Trump’s comments were made on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom.

“I don’t know Joe Biden personally I’ve never met him. I don’t really know his character but he’s been in the public eye, Sandra, for so long that for all of a sudden the timing of this, it just seems very convenient.”

She added that she would not like to run against Biden if she were in the 2020 Democratic nomination race.

As The Inquisitr reported, a total of seven women have come forward to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching. Although none of the women claim that the touching was sexual in nature, they all say that his actions made them uncomfortable, were not acceptable in the workplace, and should be acknowledged in the #MeToo era.

Biden attempted damage control with a video in which he vows to be more aware of showing respect to people’s personal space in the future. Although Trump suggests that Biden still has more explaining to do, she continued to say she believes that Biden deserves the benefit of the doubt.

“I take everything with a grain of salt these days because I know what it’s like and our family knows what it’s like better than anyone to have things said about you and you be accused of things and maybe it’s not the full truth.”

Trump also addressed her father-in-law and his tweet that featured Biden’s video edited to poke fun of his touchy-feely nature. She claims that he’s “having fun with” the situation and said that the president’s sense of humor is something “we can always count on.”

America’s Newsroom co-host Sandra Smith also asked Trump if the accusations should disqualify Biden from the race, which she left in the hands of Democratic voters.

Despite the allegations, The Inquisitr reported that sources claim former President Barack Obama privately believes that Biden would make an “excellent president.” One source claims that the two are still in touch and remain close friends.

Obama has yet to publicly comment on the scandal, which Dana Perino — who was the White House press secretary under President George W. Bush for a period of time — says is the best move. She claims that his endorsement could make or break the Democratic primary, suggesting that he should wait until the end to do so — and only if things get ugly.