Prince Harry Takes Ballet At A London YMCA

Adrian Dennis

Prince Harry showed that while he might be the Duke of Sussex, he’s not exactly the Lord of the Dance, as he attempted to participate in a ballet class at the YMCA in West London.

A YouTube video captured Prince Harry at the South Ealing YMCA taking part in a beginner’s ballet class for 4- and 5-year-olds, and he couldn’t stop smiling at the children and parents gathered for the occasion.

Vanity Fair says that before class, the prince spotted a baby named Naz attending the class with her mother, Maria, smiling at the Duke of Sussex after the royal made silly faces in an effort to amuse her. The prince asked how old the infant is, and if she’s sleeping through the night, which made Maria think that the royal was thinking about his future.

“I think he has babies on his mind.”

A student in the class asked Prince Harry if he wanted to do the “ballet challenge” which involves balancing a disc on your head while standing on one leg. It seems that his wife Meghan Markle’s yoga practice has rubbed off on the prince, as he naturally went into tree pose, which is a balancing asana, but he received some criticism from his classmates.

“You’re wobbling!”

The Daily Mail says that Prince Harry was in high spirits as he mixed with the whole crowd, paying particular attention to the little ones. The students performed two routines, which garnered applause and even a “whoop” from the prince.

The parents were all appreciative of the prince’s enthusiasm and natural ability to interact with the little ones that they gushed following his visit.

“He was so excited and happy about the baby. It was a nice surprise. He is a good person.”

But soon, Prince Harry will be finding out for himself what it’s like to have a newborn around day and night as his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex prepares to give birth. As a last hurrah, the prince and Markle took a babymoon, or a mini-vacation to Hampshire for their final jaunt as a family of two, says The Inquisitr.

Though both Prince Harry and Markle will be parents for the first time, the two agreed that they wanted to raise their children outside of London, away from prying eyes, so that their formative years could be as normal as possible, according to friends.

“[Prince Harry] loves his brother and his little niece and nephews, but he is eager to move out of Kensington Palace because he wants to escape the goldfish bowl of royal life for the sake of his marriage and his unborn child.”