Zayn Malik Concerns Fans After Posting A Series Of Angry Tweets

Zayn Malik recently alarmed fans after posting a number of cryptic, angry tweets to his Twitter account Wednesday. Malik had reassured his followers that he was fine the week before, according to Hollywood Life

The singer attracted the attention of concerned users, following a three-tweet posting spree that included some strongly-worded language.

“How about you all go f*** yourselves with your irrelevant bulls**t.”

He made another ambiguous post with a puzzling message.

“This ain’t a place for feelings.”

The last one was an obscure missive to an unknown recipient who apparently wronged him.

“And you aren’t the person you said you were.”

Malik’s fans flooded his timeline, writing messages of adoration as well as confusion.

One fan wrote, “WHAT’S WRONG? Who do we need to block? Don’t focus on those, focus on good things that actually matter and are beautiful, my angel.”


However, some followers are doubtful about the tweets being directed to any one person, with some making the suggestion that they could be song lyrics.

Others were disdainful of the panic caused by fans assuming the third tweet was a reference to Malik’s former girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

“Why do y’all assume that Zayn’s tweets are for Gigi? They can be random tweets or lyrics of a new song. stop being so dramatic.”

There’s no indication of a volatile relationship between the two, and despite their split in November 2018, Mallik sent a tweet to the model on March 2 that simply said, “love you.”

After the message caught wildfire, rumors spread that the former couple had reunited. A source told Us Weekly that while the pair still talked, Hadid was staying single due to Maik’s “major issues” and their incompatibility.

The solo artist has a history of ranting on Twitter, writing in a deleted tweet, “I’d like [to] apologise[sic] for basically being a s**t person,” on March 23.

He hit the social media platform two days later and posted “Currently happy, could be happier. Thanks for all the love and thoughts yesterday just had a vent ha x.”

Though there is no hint as to who the messages were for, a source told Hollywood Life that the relationship between Malik and his former bandmates in One Direction remains strained. The insider revealed that bad blood still exists between some of the group members, and until those feelings are resolved, there is little hope of any new collaboration between them.

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