Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Jack Finds A Shocking Leak In Jabot

Monty BrintonCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Ashley knows what Jabot is doing and copies every one of their plans, which leads Jack to believe there’s a leak. After an uncomfortable investigation, what he finds leaves him stunned.

Before she left town, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) agreed to let their companies battle it out in an epic war for the ages. It’s no secret that Jabot has no products because they all belong to Ashley and her company My Beauty. She sends a basket of Jabot’s repackaged products to the Abbott household to rub Jack’s face in the fact that she’s bested him. According to The Inquisitr, with Summer’s (Hunter King) help, Jack, Billy (Jason Thompson), and Kyle (Michael Mealor) came up with a lifestyle launch for Jabot that includes far more than just cosmetics.

However, My Beauty plans the exact same launch, and Jack believes that there is a leak somewhere in Jabot, Jack Abbott actor Peter Bergman recently told Soap Opera Digest. Because of that, Jack actually questions his family members even though it’s awkward. At one point, the new Jabot CEO also wonders if Summer had a hand in passing along privileged information to Ashley.

Bergman said that Jack finally realizes who, or in this case what, the culprit is. The gift basket is a big clue. Bergman said, “Suddenly, he thinks, ‘Is something in one of these packages?’ So, he starts tearing the basket apart and, lo and behold, he finds this listening device, a little bug. He realizes, ‘Wow. Ashley is going for blood.’ His reaction is at once furious and amused. ‘She wants to play this game? Okay.'”

While he’s upset, Jack is also a bit excited to try to match wits with his sister. He enjoys the game a little more than he probably should especially considering that sometimes Jack tends to make bad decisions when he goes too far.

According to the actor, Jack thinks, “If she wants to take the gloves off, then he’ll see what she’s got in her. He acts very quickly and strategically. He’s not only up for the challenge, but he’s a little tantalized. There’s a part of him that’s saying, ‘This is fun,’ but when Jack gets like that, bad decisions are usually made.”

Although he’s just started his job again as CEO of Jabot, Jack has a big challenge ahead of him, and he needs to focus entirely on that instead of on winning a game with Ashley. It seems possible that Jack may find himself too wrapped up in his sibling rivalry, which could end up costing him.