Kylie Jenner Not Over Jordyn Woods & Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal, Per ‘Us Weekly’

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Kylie Jenner is reportedly not over the drama caused by her best friend, Jordyn Woods after she allegedly hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, in February.

According to Us Weekly, Jenner is still dealing with the aftermath of Woods’ betrayal and isn’t over the shock that it gave her to find out that her best friend would disrespect her own sister, Khloe Kardashian, in such a way.

“Kylie was devastated by the news about Jordyn and still isn’t over the situation. Even though she’s out and about with friends like Heather [Sanders] and spending time with her team like Ariel [Tejada], they aren’t the same as Jordyn and not her ‘best friend,'” an insider told the magazine.

“Jordyn was like a sister to her, and while she’s very close with her team and considers them her friends, she also knows they are employees and she pays them, so they have a different relationship,” the source continued.

The insider also revealed that Jenner “doesn’t want to get involved with the Jordyn thing. She doesn’t really want to talk about it,” and that she is focused on her daughter, Stormi Webster, and her career running Kylie Cosmetics, the company that turned her into one of the youngest billionaires of all-time.

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kylie Jenner’s focus may also be on having a second child with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.

Kylie recently posted a photo of her blue and pink painted fingernails to Instagram and had many fans thinking that she was either doing a gender reveal party with friends and family or that she was revealing she was pregnant with a little boy to add to her family.

Jenner has spoken out about wanting to have more children in the future but has claimed that she doesn’t feel like it is the right time at the moment.

In addition, Kylie and her boyfriend, Travis, are rumored to be having some relationship issues after Jenner found some incriminating messages on Scott’s phone.

Sources claim that the pair are trying to work through the cheating rumors and that they even went on a vacation together when Travis had some time off from their tour to get away from it all and reconnect as a couple.

An insider tells People Magazine that Travis is making a huge effort to put Kylie and Stormi first and that he wants his family to be happy.

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