Jana Duggar Addresses Rumors About Her Sexuality, Says She Is Waiting And Praying For The Right Guy

Jana DuggarInstagram

Counting On star Jana Duggar has her own Instagram page now and she already has nearly 420,000 people embracing everything she posts. Many of those who follow the Duggar family know that there has been some speculation about Jana’s single status as well as questions about her close friendship with Laura DeMasie. In some recent Instagram comments, it seems that Jana has decided she would try to end the speculation on this front.

Hollywood Life shares that a follower asked Jana about her sexuality on a recent Instagram post of hers. The person was quite bold and asked straight out if she and Laura are more than friends. It looks like the initial question and response have since been deleted, but Counting On fans are still buzzing about it.

A screenshot of that original question and response was captured via a screenshot and posted to the Facebook page, “Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray.” The seemingly deleted comment came from one person who asked if Jana and Laura are dating and whether anybody else has wondered the same thing. Indeed, this has been a topic that has been bandied about frequently in various social media groups regarding the Duggar family.

The response from Duggar herself noted that no, she is not romantically involved with Laura, as Jana added that she’d like to stop that rumor. She continued to say that she has no interest in girls romantically and that she has dated or courted a few guys before.

While Jana says that she has dated some guys before, she notes that nothing has developed into a serious relationship. Duggar continued that for now, she’s just waiting and praying for the right guy to enter her life.

That response does seem to be gone now, but the same topic was brought up by someone else seemingly on the same Instagram post. A follower asked if it’s true that Jana is “LGBT,” and while Duggar didn’t respond, someone else did and said that the Counting On star had already addressed it earlier on the post.

That recent post of Jana’s showed her at Lowe’s buying lumber, as well as in a truck with one of her brothers. It garnered more than 50,000 likes and nearly 500 comments in the first day it was up and the majority of the comments were about how Duggar should get her own show on HGTV or a similar network.

Even Jana’s sister-in-law Anna, who is married to brother Josh, suggested that this Duggar family member should get a chance to shine in a show of her own. Others suggested that she open a business of her own of some kind and it’s clear that this Counting On star is a fan-favorite.

Of course, Counting On and Duggar fans would never exactly expect Jana or anyone else in the family to suddenly reveal a bombshell about their sexuality or being a part of the LGBT community via a random Instagram comment. It looks like at least some followers pounced on those who did brazenly ask Jana about her relationship with Laura and most have made it clear they adore Jana no matter what is going on with her personal love life.

Will Jana Duggar soon find the mate of her dreams and join the other older Counting On siblings in building families of their own? Fans will certainly go wild if she ever does reveal she’s taking that step, but for now, it looks like updates on her DIY and gardening projects are what most will be seeing on her Instagram page.