‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Is Found And Shiloh’s Manipulations Intensify

Craig SjodinABC

A new preview filled with juicy General Hospital spoilers has just been released, and it has viewers buzzing. Ryan’s whereabouts have remained a mystery since he went over the bridge in Niagara Falls, and everybody will be anxious to find out whether he’s still alive or not. In addition to news regarding Ryan, fans will see Shiloh’s charm pull Kristina deeper into his web of Dawn of Day.

The sneak peek shared on Twitter teases some spoilers about what is still on the way with this week’s episodes. Ava will again vocalize her determination that she wants the opportunity to confront Ryan and take him down herself for what he did to Kiki. She previously said this to Franco, and now it’ll be Julian who will see how intensely she feels about this.

Ava has gotten some mysterious phone calls that she thought were from Ryan, although they supposedly have nothing to do with the missing psychopath. Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jordan will have news to share — Ryan has been found.

Naturally, the preview doesn’t reveal whether Ryan is still alive or not. Even if he supposedly is dead, chances are good that Ava and others in Port Charles will be fairly skeptical considering his history. As The Inquisitr has detailed, actress Maura West, who portrays Ava, has said she wants her character to have the opportunity to confront Ryan. Will she be given that chance?

When will this development with Ryan be shown? Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers don’t disclose that yet. However, the preview teases that it’s coming within the next few episodes.


In addition to the Ryan-related revelation, General Hospital spoilers note that Shiloh will be front-and-center as Kristina takes the leap to join his inner circle of Dawn of Day members. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Kristina will cross a line during Wednesday’s show, and it seems that is likely connected to her trust offering.

Kristina will tell Shiloh that this secret something she’s never talked to anybody about, and the latest spoilers for General Hospital suggest that it’ll be something that ultimately betrays Alexis. Viewers know that there are now a handful of Port Charles residents anxious to reveal Shiloh for the manipulator he is, but in the meantime, Kristina is slipping further and further under his spell.

Will Ryan be found alive or dead? Who will be the one to expose Shiloh? General Hospital spoilers tease that things are going to be intense over the course of these next few episodes, and fans are anxious to see what the writers have set to go down next.