Meghan Markle Dresses Casually In Prince Harry’s Clothing As She Prepares For Her Upcoming Due Date

John Phillips Getty Images

While Meghan Markle’s exact due date was never revealed publicly, recent reports suggest she’s finally nearing that special day. The Duchess of Sussex will be slowing down her typically hectic schedule as she prepares for her firstborn child. She has officially embarked on her maternity leave and has cancelled any scheduled public appearances for the upcoming weeks. Markle and Prince Harry were recently spotted visiting a wellness store in London and the Duchess was looking very different than how we usually see her. She swapped out her typical designer gowns and jewelry for a simple pair of jeans, a retro Sixteen Candles tee-shirt, sneakers, and her husband’s khaki jacket, according to Entertainment Cheat Sheet.

Markle didn’t look like royalty but rather appeared just like the average Londoner in the comfortable and casual outfit. She cradled her belly bump while walking hand in hand with Prince Harry as the cameras flashed in her face. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice her gold “mummy” necklace that she received as a gift at her New York baby shower.

The wellness shop they visited is entitled Ilapothecary and specializes in natural and organic skincare. The shop offers not only organic products by healing services such as massages.

In early March the royal couple attended a reception at Buckingham Palace focused on the various charities the family is involved in. It was there they spoke with Alun Cairns, the Secretary of State for Wales. Cairns asked about how Markle’s pregnancy was going.

“How are you doing? I’m sure everyone is asking,” she questioned.

Rather than brushing off the question that she’s asked on a regular basis, Markle was grateful for the Secretary of State’s concern.

“No, it’s actually very sweet. It’s a very sweet, nurturing thing to ask. We’re nearly there,” she replied.

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have remained very tight-lipped regarding the upcoming baby for obvious privacy reasons. The baby’s gender and name have not yet been announced. For the royal couple, keeping these details private allows them to hold on to at least one part of their lives that is just theirs. They announced that they were expecting back in the fall of 2018 and emphasized that they intended to give their baby as normal a life as possible, according to The Cut.

Harry and Meghan will live in Frogmore Cottage where they will have the opportunity to raise their baby in a more private environment.