Trump: ‘Robert Mueller Was A God-Like Figure To The Democrats, Until He Ruled No Collusion’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

In a series of Twitter messages posted on Tuesday, President Donald Trump blasted “unhinged” Democrats for continuing to allege a conspiracy with Russia, despite special counsel Robert Mueller failing to prove it. The president started by criticizing House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler for demanding the release of the full Mueller report, drawing a parallel between the Mueller report and the Ken Starr report from over two decades ago.

“In 1998, Rep. Jerry Nadler strongly opposed the release of the Starr Report on Bill Clinton,” Trump tweeted.

In his second tweet of the day blasting the Democratic Party and its claims of Trump-Russia conspiracy, the president argued that Mueller went from being a “God-like figure” to the Democrats to a person whose name they refuse to “acknowledge,” because he has failed to find collusion. Trump described the Democrats as “unhinged,” vowing that they will not be allowed to “go through the whole process again.”

“Robert Mueller was a God-like figure to the Democrats, until he ruled No Collusion in the long awaited $30,000,000 Mueller Report. Now the Dems don’t even acknowledge his name, have become totally unhinged, and would like to go through the whole process again. It won’t happen!”

In another tweet, Trump ripped into two of the leading Democratic Trump-Russia conspiracy proponents, namely Nadler and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

“There is no amount of testimony or document production that can satisfy Jerry Nadler or Shifty Adam Schiff,” the president wrote, calling on the Democrats to shift their focus away from the Russian collusion, and dedicate themselves to “properly running” the United States.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Robert Mueller is officially done with his investigation into Russian election interference and possible coordination between official Moscow and Trump campaign officials. According to Attorney General William Barr’s memo, in which he directly quoted Mueller, the special counsel “did not establish” that Trump campaign officials coordinated with the Russian government to sway the election in the Republicans’ favor.

Despite Mueller’s findings, some Democrats have continued to allege collusion and conspiracy, while calling for the release of the Mueller report. Barr vowed to release the report along with all underlying information by mid-April, volunteering to testify before both chambers of Congress, and revealing that the special counsel’s office will assist him in redacting sensitive information.

Nevertheless, the Democrats — led by Adam Schiff — continue to allege conspiracy and collusion. Schiff may not be backing down, but neither is the Republican Party. As CNN reported, the GOP has gone on the offensive, taking aim at the California congressman and asking for his resignation.