Le’Veon Bell’s Rap Album Has Its Critics

According to TMZ, during the middle of March, Le’Veon Bell, the star running back for the New York Jets, signed a $52.2 million contract with his team. However, instead of celebrating his new football contract, the pro football player was busy hosting his album release party at a nightclub in Miami.

Bell’s new rap album called Life’s a Gamble had its release party on March 16 at Miami Beach’s Rockwell Nightclub. The party gave fans a preview of the football pro’s rap skills as Bell put on a show and rapped some songs for those in the crowd. While donning some large gold chains, Bell performed a few live tracks from his album. Fans of Bell’s hip hop skills cheered him on, and many of those at the club applauded his performance.

Like many musicians, Bell composed several of his songs by basing his lyrics on his own life experiences. One of the songs Bell previewed live at the Rockwell Nightclub is titled “Free at Last.” “Free at Last” features lyrics that cover Bell’s experience with the Pittsburgh Steelers before he left the team and joined up with the New York Jets.

“I’m gonna make them open up their safes. I’m just doin’ what I gotta do to get me paid,” Bell says in his song “Free at Last,” according to TMZ.

In fact, many of the songs Bell composed for his Life’s a Gamble album feature lyrics that cover Bell’s football career. Some of the songs on the album discuss Bell’s excitement to move on from the Pittsburgh Steelers after he signed with his new team. While there are a few people that view Bell’s potential rap career as just a side job, the football pro has been composing rap songs for years under his rap name, Juice. He also seems to have no plans of quitting his rap dreams, even after landing his huge, new contract.

However, when Bell asked his fans what they thought about his songs and encouraged them to respond honestly, he received a response from the Los Angeles Charger’s star, Keenan Allen.

“I gotta keep it band bro. This ain’t it,” Allen said alongside an emoji of a garbage can, according to TMZ.

Allen rushed to defend his new rap album and responded to Allen’s comment on Twitter.

“if youu honestly felt that way, youu could’ve just txted me and said that,” Bell said, according to TMZ.

“But it seems even ppl with check marks wanna troll to seek attention for mentions now a days.”