Cat Battles Crocodile. And Wins. [Video]

A courageous stray cat has taken on a crocodile in an Indian zoo and lived to tell the tale.

The feisty ginger tom wandered into the Gharial crocodile enclosure in the zoo in Jaipur and sat by the water. The Daily Mail reports when onlookers saw the crocodile emerge from the water, they tried to scare the cat away. This moggy however, was not about to back down without a fight. The cat hissed at the reptile before delivering a barrage of swift swipes on the croc’s snout. Bested, the crocodile sunk beneath the surface of its pond and retreated to a safe distance.

The video was filmed by Manu Chaudhary and her husband Vishal from Southall, Middlesex who were visiting India on their first wedding anniversary. “We initially thought the cat was under the impression that it was a rat in the pond,” Mr Chaudhary told The Daily Mail. “When the crocodile came up in the water we felt sure we were witnessing the last minutes of her life.”

His victory secured, the triumphant feline licked his chops and strolled off away from the water’s edge.

The Gharial crocodile is native to India and is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Also known as the fish eating crocodile, it seems the Gharial crocodile’s appetite does not extend to cats.

You can see the video here – Daily Mail