NBA Star Stephen Curry Is Shocked By Nipsey Hussle’s Death

According to XXL Magazine, video footage was caught of Stephen Curry learning about Nipsey Hussle’s death. In the video, it appears that Kevin Durant possibly told Curry about the death shortly before the Warriors were preparing to start their most recent home game.

When Curry finally did speak out and discussed learning about the rapper’s death, he was extremely upset. Learning that Hussle had been gunned down prior ad murdered, the basketball star had plenty to say about the senselessness of Hussle’s death, and how devastating it was to know somebody so talented and so young had been silenced forever.

“That was tough. Obviously surprised a lot of people,” Curry said, according to TMZ. “I got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was, how he tried to inspire people considering where he grew up and how he turned that into something extremely powerful, represented an entire city.”

The timing of Hussle’s death certainly made things difficult for his friends on the Warriors last night. Just 30 minutes before the Warriors were scheduled to take on the Charlotte Hornets on March 31, the rapper was gunned down and murdered while outside of his storefront in Los Angeles. Shortly after that, members of Curry’s team started learning about the news. While the team was warming up, one of the Warrior fans present filmed the event and wound up also shooting the alleged moment when Kevin Durant may have told Curry. In the clip, Curry and Durant are talking, and within just a few seconds, Curry has his hands over his head and becomes noticeably upset, according to XXL Magazine.

Hussle had several friends that were professional basketball players, and Curry was one of them. Curry knew Nipsey for about a year, and the two met when Hussle dropping in on the YouTube series 5 Minutes from Home. On the show, Hussle and Curry exited from a Warriors game, sharing a friendly chat. After leaving the game, the pair decided to share a meal together so they can talk about a few things. Their conversations covered the rapper’s music, his love for sports, and his children.

After hearing about the death, one of Hussle’s songs was blared over the loudspeakers at the Oracle Arena in Oakland as a tribute to the rapper’s memory. Curry also publicly discussed the passing of his friend in a recent interview.

“Definitely a sad, sad, tragic event,” Curry said, according to TMZ. “Send prayers to his family, his community, to [his girlfriend] Lauren London, hopefully, they stay strong through this, it’s tough. You know, senseless crimes that don’t need to happen, especially with a guy who was doing what he was doing.”