Mrs. Lincoln Looks For Babysitter In New Letter

A newly published letter written by Mrs. Lincoln, looking for a babysitter, is now on sale.

The signed letter was written on April 18, 1864 before an overnight trip to Baltimore. Abraham Lincoln and Mrs. Lincoln needed a babysitter to watch 11-year-old Tad for the night.

For history buffs Mrs. Lincoln’s newly published letter gives an intimate look into the life of America’s busiest couple in the 1860’s.

The one line letter by Mrs. Lincoln is available for purchase by the Raab Collection, and is being valued at $15,000. The letter reads:

“Hon. Mr. Harrington, We would like to have the services of Charles from today, at 2 P.M. until tomorrow at 11 A.M. Very Resp. Mrs. Lincoln.”

According to the Raab Collection, “Charles” was Treasury Department employee Charles Forbes. The Lincoln’s would often use Forbes as a family valet, footman, attendant, and messenger.

“Mr. Harrington” was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury George Harrington, and Forbes boss. He handled personal financial matters for the Lincolns.

Mrs. Lincoln’s letter looking for a babysitter was all for naught however. She ended up missing the event her and Abraham were set to attend. Nathan Raab, Vice President of the collection, says she was likely to burdened preparing the final reception of the season at the White House.

In an odd twist of fate, Harrington was sitting outside the Lincoln’s booth at Ford Theater and let John Wilkes Booth enter and assassinate the President. Mrs. Lincoln never forgave Harrington for his actions.

Mrs. Lincoln request for a babysitter could not go on a sale at a better time. The Oscars are right the corner and Lincoln a front runner to win best picture. All the attention only makes the historical document more valuable.

Would you buy Mrs. Lincoln’s newly published letter seeking a babysitter for a night?