Trump Jr. Urges Democrats To Reject ‘Discredited’ Russian Collusion ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Special Counsel Robert Mueller officially concluded his investigation into Russian election interference and possible conspiracy between Trump campaign officials and the Kremlin last week. Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr, who subsequently released his own summary of it.

In his memo, Barr directly quoted the special counsel, who concluded that neither President Trump nor any members of his campaign team conspired with Russia. But, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Democrats have rejected Mueller’s conclusions and continue pressuring Barr to release the full report as soon as possible.

Barr vowed to release the full Mueller report and all underlying information by mid-April.

Robert Mueller’s office will help the attorney general determine what to redact, Barr explained in his letter to Congress, but none of this has silenced the Democratic Party. Spearheading the Democratic effort is House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, who has threatened legal action and continues to double down on collusion and conspiracy claims.

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has taken issue with this. In an op-ed penned for RealClearPolitics, Trump Jr. urged the Democratic Party to reject the “discredited” Russian collusion “conspiracy theory,” calling on the opposition party to work with the president.

Trump Jr. called Mueller’s investigation a “travesty” and a “clown show,” adding that his father is “the only” president in history who has “had to deal with a conspiracy by the news media and subversive actors in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies.”

Trump Jr. then went on to list a number of what he claims are the Trump administration’s accomplishments, suggesting that the readers “imagine” what else the president could have accomplished if not for investigations such as Robert Mueller’s. Not only has opposition to the president damaged the country, according to Trump Jr., it has also “threatened” its international credibility.

Trump Jr. praised his father’s domestic and foreign policy, blaming the Democrats’ allegations of a Trump-Russia conspiracy for the fact that the two parties rarely agree and compromise.

“It’s decision time for Democrats. They can either accept the fact that my father is the legitimately elected president of the United States and start working with him in good faith, or they can cling to their discredited conspiracy theory.”

Donald Trump Jr. concluded the column by suggesting that the Democrats can either accept Robert Mueller’s findings and start collaborating with the president or reject them. If they do the latter, according to Trump Jr., the issue will be settled “at the ballot box.”

“It’s your call,” he wrote.