Laura Wright’s Not Pregnant, She Clarifies, As ‘General Hospital’ Fans Speculate Due To Carly’s Pregnancy

Craig SjodinABC

A fair number of General Hospital fans have been speculating that actress Laura Wright might be pregnant in real life, due to the story line about her character, Carly, expecting a baby right now. The actress has taken to her Instagram page to set the record straight.

Carly’s pregnancy came completely out of left field for General Hospital viewers, so it makes some sense that it could have been written due to a real-life pregnancy. Fans know that Wright has found love in real life with co-star Wes Ramsey (Peter), and while she has two older children, it’s not impossible to believe she might want to have another child now with Ramsey.

However, that’s apparently not the situation at all. General Hospital fans have been wondering if Wright might be pregnant, but some did notice not long ago that she seemed to be drinking a glass of wine in a recent Instagram post. Now, Laura is being direct in saying that she is not actually pregnant.

Over the weekend, Wright shared a photo to her Instagram page showing her with Ramsey. In the caption of the post, the General Hospital star said that only Carly is pregnant, not Laura.

It looks like not all General Hospital fans are convinced, though. Some have noted that it seems as if Wright has been quite purposeful in covering her stomach in recent shots, including even casual ones shared by co-stars. However, the actress doesn’t sound like she’s trying to trick anybody with this post, just clarify that she’s having a great time living her life as it is without any babies on the horizon.

As soon as it was revealed that Carly was pregnant, General Hospital fans started to speculate that something ominous was ahead. Many thought she would miscarry after Ryan stuffed her in the trunk of his car, but luckily, the writers didn’t go that route.

Will Carly and Sonny manage to welcome a healthy, full-term baby in a few months with no complications? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything significant one way or the other on this front, so fans will have to stay tuned for now.

While Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey aren’t expecting a baby together, it looks like their relationship is going great. Some General Hospital fans have been asking if the two have gotten engaged yet, while others are encouraging them to just be happy and live their lives.

It’s been a tough few months for Wright, as she lost both her mother and her father recently. At this point, though, it looks like the General Hospital star has a great guy by her side and is doing pretty well these days.