MSNBC Panel Insults ‘Repulsive’ Donald Trump: ‘He’s Disgusting To Look At’

Scott OlsonGetty Images

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch and Joe Scarborough spent a good part of today’s edition of Morning Joe mocking, ridiculing, and insulting President Donald Trump, Raw Story reports.

Scarborough and Deutsch made fun of Donald Trump’s physical appearance, describing him as “repulsive” and “disgusting.” Apparently, the two men took issue with Trump’s comments about House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, and decided to hit back.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, during a rally in Grand Rapids, Trump insulted Schiff and the Democratic Party as a whole, mocking the top Democrat as “little pencil neck.”

The rally was typically fiery, perhaps even more than the usual Trump rally, because the president was gloating — taking a victory lap since Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to have cleared him of collusion.

Following two years of intense investigations Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr, who released his own memo in which he quotes the Mueller report which explicitly states that neither Trump, nor members of his campaign conspired with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Trump described House Democrats as “sick,” accusing them of perpetuating a political “hoax” in order to take him down. But it was Trump’s comments about House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff that appear to have hit a nerve with MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch and Joe Scarborough.

The two relentlessly mocked Trump’s physical appearance and mental state.

“He was in Michigan last night embarrassing himself again,” Scarborough said of the president. “I really felt sorry for him, so sorry for him. Sort of a sad, sad — just a sad decline for the man.”

Deutsch and Scarborough speculated that Trump is “panicking” over his re-election chances, which is why his Michigan rally speech was profanity and insult-ridden, according to the duo. Following a conversation about Trump’s re-election chances, Deutsch quickly moved on to the president’s insulting and mocking of Adam Schiff.

“When he started with the ‘pencil neck’ Adam Schiff, it reminds me,” Deutsch began his monologue, and then went on to suggest that Trump is mocking others because he himself is “disgusting.”

“Sometimes we laugh, but he’s just disgusting to look at. He’s obese — I wish you could put up that picture of him from behind when he’s playing tennis or playing golf. He’s one of the most repulsive, physically, looking human beings I’ve ever seen.”

Joe Scarborough tried to redirect the conversation, according to Raw Story, in what appeared to be an attempt to calm Deutsch down and interrupt his rant, but to no avail. The panelist doubled down on his mocking of the president, suggesting once again that Trump is a “bully” who ridicules others’ “physical imperfections.”