Google Chrome OS-Equipped ‘Pixel’ Laptop Officially Unveiled

Google Chrome OS Pixel Laptop Now Official And On Sale

A high-end laptop running Google Chrome OS known as the Chromebook Pixel was officially revealed today. BBC reports that the device is an apparent bid by Google to offer a device that can challenge Apple’s line of premium products. The Chromebook Pixel is available for immediate pre-order online, with devices expected to ship next week.

Unlike its predecessors, the Chromebook Pixel packs an impressive specs list. According to The Verge, it features a 12.85-inch, 2560×1700 touchscreen display protected by damage-resistant Gorilla Glass. The impressive screen resolution gives the device a pixel density of 239 PPI (reportedly the highest of any laptop to date), with Chrome VP Sundar Pichai positing that “you’ll never see another pixel in your life.” Other improvements on past devices include a Core i5 processor, an Intel HD 4000 graphics card and 4GB of RAM. Google claims that the Chromebook Pixel will be able to run multiple 1080p videos at once, while the touchscreen will offer a way of interacting with web apps similar to what users would expect from a tablet.

Earlier this month, the Chromebook Pixel was leaked in a Google+ post by developer Francois Beaufort. A video presentation of the device created by was reportedly discovered by hackers, along with various other projects in development by the company.

In the past, laptops running Google Chrome OS were designed with modest hardware specifications and marketed as cheaper alternatives to full-featured laptops. With the Chromebook Pixel, Google sets its sights on products such as the Macbook Air and ultrabooks which emphasize hardware quality and power over cheap price tags. Accordingly, the price for the Chromebook Pixel is considerably higher than any Chromebook released so far. A Wi-fi only version with 32GB of storage is priced at $1,299, while a version with an integrated Verizon LTE modem and 64GB of storage is available for $1,449.

While Chromebooks initially struggled to find traction with consumers, the devices have seen recent success in classrooms, with highly-subsidized versions being offered to schools through the DonorsChoose program. It remains to be seen if the latest and greatest device running Google Chrome OS (with its marked increase in both power and price) will be able to build upon this momentum. Do you intend to purchase one?